Buckle up!

Ride the ups and downs of Virginia history with Dejanique, Kenan, Jaelyn, Daliah, and Rashad.  We start at the beginning with Jamestown, rise with Westward Migration, drop down for the Revolutionary War, rise back up with the New Government, and go crashing down for the Civil War.  Hold onto your seats!  It's going to be a bumpy ride!

Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times!

Use your hands insteadto take a look at our timelines.  The information is the same in both, but we used two different websites to make them.  The top one was created using  JS Timeline.  We like how it can include videos and interactive maps.  Just click the arrow to ride the roller coaster through the events!

Do you want to ride in front or in the back?

You have choices!  Our second timeline was created with Dipity.  We like how you can view it as flipbook, a list, and even as a map with markers showing the events!  Just click the links in the top left corner for the different views.  Or click and drag the timeline to move through it.  Some events that don't fit are small symbols at the bottom.  Click on them to see them, or use the zoom tool. 


We hope you enjoyed the ride!

Let us know what you thought by filling out the form below. If you are a teacher, try these timeline sites out with your students.  They will have a lot of fun just like we did!  Thanks Kenan for making our roller coaster using BuildWithChrome.

Roller Coaster Feedback Form

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What do you think was the highest point of Virginia history?

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